Better Health...Simplified !



How can I live longer and healthier?
Healthy aging or anti-aging means living a longer, healthier life. The following tips are your best defence against aging...
1.A balanced diet rich in antioxidants and nutrients
2.Regular physical activity
3.Adequate rest
4.Avoiding tobacco and excessive alcohol
5.Leading a stress free life
6.Drinking plenty of water

If I could make an anti-aging wish come true, I would wish for...
1.Fewer wrinkles, supple skin, lean body
2.No memory loss,
3.Top notch brain function
4.Plenty of energy
5.Stress free life
6.No heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, or cancer

So, How do I get started
1.Lose weight and eat right
2.Exercise for longevity
3.Stop smoking for good
4.Go easy on alcohol (reduce or avoid)
5.Try to reduce exposure to pollution /smoke
6.Control blood pressure
7.Prevent/control diabetes
8.Get adequate sleep

What Foods Are Good For Anti- Aging - Antioxidants? Foods rich in any or mixture of the antioxidants listed below. 1.Beta-carotene
5.Vitamin A
6.Vitamin C
7.Vitamin E