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Cancer diet counseling to help manage MY cancer treatment: This cancer diet management diary has been created to organize and keep track of a patients cancer symptoms, condition, blood test results and nutrition status in one easily accessible location - 'Online' This is a customized cancer counseling program that helps the cancer patient optimize their health and cancer treatment by keeping in constant touch with their dietitian and oncologist to monitor their cancer diet before cancer treatment, cancer diet during cancer treatment and cancer diet after cancer treatment.
We provide health tools to:
• Assess and record your daily health status
• Track and analyze your daily cancer diet
• Monitor your cancer side effects
• Send comprehensive reports to oncologist
• Have a personal dietitian to talk to at all times
Cancer counseling to help manage cancer treatment:
• Symptom Tracker and Daily Food Diary Guide - The NutritionVista Symptom Tracker and Daily Food Diary Guide, are customized tools that provide nutritional therapy and information on food, diet & nutrition for cancer patients. These tools help manage the patient’s health on a day-to-day basis, by allowing patients to track and analyze their daily diet and nutrient intake throughout the treatment process.
• Talk to my dietitian who has extensive previous experience counseling patients with cancer. - to get help with cancer management - cancer treatment - follow a cancer diet
• Help plan a cancer menu plan - learn about foods for cancer patients - prevent getting cancer with cancer prevention foods,
• Cancer recipes - Prepare recipes for cancer patients - eat a high protein diet to boost energy and help heal muscle after surgery, chemo therapy, or radiation therapy
• Keep track of blood counts, blood reports, tests to enable better menu planning and nutrition.